Investment over Expense training

If you’re starting your new fitness journey and are looking at the costs as an expense from the get go, you are ticking time bomb to failure. It’s about the mindset. How you approach anything is how you approach everything.
I would strongly encourage you to only step though the door of a health practitioner when you mean business.
Sometimes it’s all about timing and when taking on something like this, you need to be all in.
Change is not easy and you need to be ready for the challenge.

When it comes to your fitness, your long term health there are a few factors at play.
How much do you want to change your lifestyle, your health?
How much will your life change for the better if you feel better, look better?
If I was to say, by taking on this 1 year program. I will give you 5 extra quality years to your life at the end, how much would those extra 5-10 years of a healthy active life be worth to you?

How much do you value an extra year of living, not existing, but I mean really living a full life?
Hopefully you are staying, it’s priceless? Of course it is.
The difference in being dead or alive is surely an extremely valuable asset.

If you are looking to make a change, you might not see it, or feel it in yourself right now, but look around.
Do you have a mother, a father, a grandfather who you look at taking weekly medication? Unable to do daily tasks because of their lack of motor control or ability to do things from themselves? The need aid and support for general tasks.

Ask yourself could it have been avoided?
If they took care of themselves when they were younger, would they be in a better place right now?
In most cases the answer will be yes.
I see people in their 50s-60s and they have either accepted this poor quality of lifestyle or don’t realise life could be different. The positive news you are never too old to start making changes.
Just your willingness to change gets harder the older we become.

Most likely you have a pension or savings of some kind. A financial nest egg for you retirement. You are investing in your financial future. You don’t want to use that on home help or medical bills surely.
All those years of saving surely you want to live your life and spend that revenue on yourself.
God knows you have worked for it.

I hammer this point because we look at financial investments with an abundance mindset, yet we look at health investments with a scarcity mindset. You need to think ahead when investing in our health.
When you do decide to make a change, when you look to improve your health, think of the value of living a pain free, stress free lifestyle. Looking better and with more confidence in your ability.
You’re not paying for the personal training sessions, you are not paying for the sweat investment at the time.

You are paying and investing in the future you. You are making sure you are enjoying your later part of your life and not just existing.

It you are currently on the wrong side of the recommended health metrics then come have a chat and see how we can help you invest in your future self.

We love life 🙂


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