Personal Training is Relationship Building

Personal training is exactly that, it’s personal.
In my fifteenth year of training clients I realised the people who make the most progress are the ones I connected with the most.

I know their likes, their dislikes. I know their wife or husbands name, kids names and in most cases their dogs name.
We enjoy the same common interests and find the same things funny. Conversation is easy and overtime a personal, professional relationship is formed.
These clients have gotten the best results because we form a trust and bond that is very unique to other relationships.
This to me is vital component to the success of the client and the journey they are on.
When going to the ‘battle ground’ of breaking habits or self limiting believes, you need to know the person beside you has your back.
The battleground is the tough times. The times there is a lack of progress being made for one reason or another.
When outside influences or factors outside of your control effect the progress you expected to make this month.

Knowing your personal coach has your best interest in mind is so valuable.
To form this relationship you need to make sure you have the right partner by your side. You need someone who will compliment your weaknesses and help lift you up when you need it most.
How to find this RIDE or DIE, there is this fantastic personality test from Honey and Mumford.
Upon completing the tests you generally fall into 1 of 4 personality types.
Activist – The wild one of the the group (ME)
Reflector – Quiet observer ( Loves the detail, Introverted in nature)
Pragmatist – Factual and time efficient (Has a big Bullshit Radar, and has no time for it)
Theorist – Deep thinker and Curious (Likes to know things that might not even be relevant to them)

Now it is said that a reflector and an activist are often attractive pairings in relationships, but potentially not great in communicating with eachother.
The activist who is going at 100 miles and hour, and the reflector who prefers a slower pace find it hard to communicate with each other. The pace is too fast for the reflector to take in the information from the activist, equally the activist wants to get going and hasn’t the patience for the detailed learning a reflector wants to demonstrate. These to find it hard to communicate, hence might not be the best two to link up as a client and coach pairing.

You can see how these pairings might find it hard to work together. It’s one of the main reasons everyone who starts with us does a personality test. We can choose the most suitable coach and coaching style for the client.
This is a great way to set both up for success right from the start.
You now have a better chance to connect with your client and coach so you heighten your chance of success.

This is why we do our No Sweat Intro, it’s an amazing way to see if both the prospective client and coaching team are a fit for future success. Sometimes recognising a square peg that won’t go into the round hole early is the best for both parties.
It saves the clients time and resources and coaches energy by avoiding a mismatch in the relationship build
So take your time when looking for a personal coach, make sure you feel they are a right fit.
Making the right connection with a coach will make your journey alot more exciting and enjoyable.
You wont see the time go by as you race through your progress.

When you get it right your progress and growth is exponential and thats what we want for our clients.
Success 🙂

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