What even is a Habit ?

If we want to change the direction of our current state we generally have to make adjustments to do so.
If we want to lose body fat, we have to change our current nutrition intake, improve our physical robustness by
doing physically challenging actives 2 or 3 times per week to elicit a response to change.

It has been said that people don’t like change, where in fact that couldn’t be further from the truth.
As humans we love change, we desire innovation, we crave evolution.
If we didn’t we wouldn’t stand in line for the latest Iphone, we would still be travelling around on horse drawn carts.

What we don’t generally like is sudden change. There is a fear attached to sudden change.
What if I don’t like it? I like how things are right now, what will be the cost associated to this change and I don’t mean just monetary.

What we do like is subtle change with an in increase in value.
We enjoy seeing what was once hard or complicated to complete a task is now easier.
A previous task took longer or was more painful to comprehend and now it’s streamlined.
Who wouldn’t want that

With that in mind, let’s talk about building a habit.
A Habit is a skilfully mastered action that is completed without thinking.
Habits they are formed by continually doing them over time.

Have you ever driven your car home from work and as you pull into the driveway you think, I can barely remember
the drive home? It’s almost scary at first, you think, was I concentrating, was that dangerous?
In reality, it’s just a habit you have formed over time. You can complete the task with limiter brain activity.
It’s a skill you have mastered over time and feels second nature to you, that’s a solid habit right there.

Let’s apply that to your lifestyle.
If you are looking to improve your health and your lifestyle?
You need to be able to do it continuously, so start small.
You might think you can multi task, but the majority of us can’t, so let’s pick only one thing first.
What will give us the most return for the least amount of effort.

We call this ‘Minimal effective dose’ gain the most from the least effort first.
Where can you grab some easy wins?

Stress management

If you can make that one part of the puzzle autonomous and can do it everyday without fail? Only then add another.
This is called habit stacking, where you combine one habit with another. The problem most people face, is they try to habit stack too early. You end up applying too many new habits too quickly and none stick.
This can lead to loss in motivation, and momentum which can unfortunately lead to failing to gain any new traction.

So if you want to improve your health and lifestyle, my advise is to pick one of the above first .
Only move on to another when you have masterfully skilled the first one.
Measure your progress and go again.

If you do this, you are sure to make giant compounding positive change over time, you have all your life so there is no rush if you are consistent.

Stick with it and if you need any help, reach out by booking a consultation below.

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