What’s so special about Studio One

We specialise in helping people make BIG changes to their lifestyle.

Big changes in your lifestyle come in many forms. It may be your first time getting outside of your comfort zone and coming to a physical location, with the intent to improve your health and fitness. It very well might be that you have tried in the past to make this change but were unsuccessful. Many people start their journey with us to improve their health metrics. Doctors are often the catalyst that encourage people to change their lifestyle and commit to change. You generally have two options when it comes to your quality of lifestyle.
Live a healthy one or otherwise face the consequences of living with the aid of some kind of medication for the rest of your life.

To us making big changes to your lifestyle means there will be a positive outcome to you pursuing this challenge.
We know to make BIG change requires a whole team of coaches to help you succeed. Big changes to your lifestyle opens up new gateways to opportunities in the future.
That swim you avoided in the past, the hill walk you wanted to do but you said no, due to fear of not being capable.
These are all opportunities we sometimes pass up due to fear of your own inability. This should not be the case and you can do something about it.

BIG changes to your health and wellness spills into other parts of your life. It has a positive effect on you and the people around you. It can change someones outlook from being negative to positive.
BIG changes to your health can allow you to pursue some of your life goals that you have avoided due to your low physical capacity or ability.

At Studio One we specialise in helping people free themselves from doubt, worry. We help build inner confidence that helps provide you with the freedom, to say yes to opportunities of the future.
Imagine at the age of 40-50-60 doing your first 5km walk, your first mountain walk, sunrise swim with your children or lowering cholesterol reducing your visceral fat to a healthy range . These a GIANT leaps in your wellness and your life.
We love helping people find their own individual goal and helping them achieve it.
What you do inside our facility, has a massive impact on the areas of your life outside of here.

All you need to do is call in and say hi, “I have this big scary goal I would like to achieve”, how can you help me.

We will take care of the rest, it’s what makes us special.

Come to the people who specialise on helping you make that big change.

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